Doing things Differently,
Turning Visions to reality

We are a Creative Agency adding a touch of excellence to how brands, startups, individuals and companies define themselves on the web and shaping a world where solutions to both complex and simple problems are readily available.

We seek to foster human affiliation through perceptive methods, refined style, and impactful digital experiences

io hub image
io hub image

We innovate around digital products on the web with the aim of helping our clients get and stay ahead while being true to their goals and visions

What we believe

We believe in a world where new opportunities, ideas and concepts are open daily

We pay attention to these opportunities with energy and optimism together with careful designing and innovative analysis

What we do

We bring together brilliant minds ready to turn ideas and concepts to working reality

UI Design

We craft beautiful interfaces that visually appeal to users and drive engagement

UX Design

We ensure that experiences are well defined through careful user research and studies

Web Design

Beautiful, sleek and interactive web pages that ensures a story is told and a purpose is defined

Web Development

Need to scale? We build your web applications to meet your needs and automate your business' processes

Featured Projects

A full cotton-edge Mobile App Design for Wavr, a robust, transparent and flexible online wallet

Wavr App
Wavr Website

We took a deep dive into the heart of Wavr to produce a modern and neat Website Design for the product's landing page

Hopeup Integrated Industries Limited, a leading Gas Production, Barite Mining & Processing and Construction Engineering Company needed a website redo and we came through

Hopeup Industries

Endoclan, a game company, needed a beautiful one-pager to showcase a demo of their newly developed game Letterush. We helped them achieve this with ease!

What Our clients say

Grant, COO Endoclan

"I consider adaptability and a hunger for knowledge pivotal to fast-paced growth and these are qualities ioHub typifies. The growth disparity between my first engagement with them and my most recent is simply fascinating.

On contracting ioHub, one thing becomes immediately evident; they’re packed full with a drive that mirrors vast and sophisticated aspirations. And I must say this for a fact, it is greatly puzzling how they take on and surmount immensely complex tasks with such poise that said tasks seem downright effortless. I can confidently surmise that, with the strong work ethic they boast, they’ll emerge a leading light in the tech space."

COO, Endoclan

Let us help ease your business challenges and increase value through well-thought digital experience