The client

HOPEUP INTEGRATED INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a 100% Nigerian owned Industrial Gas Production, Barite Mining & Processing and Construction Engineering Company. Hopeup was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria on the 16th of September, 1991 and has over the years consolidated on her experience to deliver first-rate services.

Hopeup Industries

What they needed

In a ever-changing world, the need to scale comes every now and then and for Hopeup the need was obvious; A simple, modern and expressive new design for their website. Something to easily give visitors a walkthrough of what they do and how they do it.

What we did

With careful research, we dug deeper into the core functional features the site needed and worked closely with the team to ensure this was clearly visible and that all necessary concepts needed to reflect the desires of the company was carefully laid out... according to how they wanted it.

Hopeup industries
Hopeup industries


Satisfaction and excellence is our priority and we ensured we stuck to original ideas which were inspired by the desires and wishes of the Hopeup team.

We sent out a series of functional UI prototypes which were thoroughly reviewed and the most preferred option accepted. We then took the necessary steps to move what was just an idea to a fully operational website

Hopeup industries
Hopeup industries

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