The client

Endoclan Technologies is a Nigerian based game development start-up, focused on building game applications for educational and social purposes, that can be deployed on a variety of platforms, including iOS (Apple), Android, Web, PC, Video Game Consoles, Smart TVs and so on.


The Project

LetteRUSH is an English language word game, designed specifically to test the vastness of a player’s vocabulary and his/her spelling competence.

What they needed

Contacted by the COO of Endoclan, we were asked to think of the project as a short story. One that gives whoever comes around a really quick overview of what the game was and what it hoped to achieve


What we did

We took a playful and educational experience and turned it into something visually exciting with the goal of gradually building excitement while keeping a consitent experience.


"I consider adaptability and a hunger for knowledge pivotal to fast-paced growth and these are qualities ioHub typifies. The growth disparity between my first engagement with them and my most recent is simply fascinating.

On contracting ioHub, one thing becomes immediately evident; they’re packed full with a drive that mirrors vast and sophisticated aspirations. And I must say this for a fact, it is greatly puzzling how they take on and surmount immensely complex tasks with such poise that said tasks seem downright effortless. I can confidently surmise that, with the strong work ethic they boast, they’ll emerge a leading light in the tech space."

COO, Endoclan

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